Demolition Derby

From the first crash in the arena until the checkered flag waves, fans will be in for a real treat at the Shrine Demo Derby on Saturday. The premier producer of demo derby, Ultimate Derby, makes sure to please fans with a fast paced, entertaining show.     

Three classes of competition will take place: open class, compact class and stock class.  A consolation round is held before the feature. The winner of the feature will win about $1,600 and thirty to forty vehicles are expected to show up for competition.


Sam Williams, co-owner of Ultimate Derby, say’s the demo derby’s appeal is simple “People like to see cars crash.”  He and his crew work hard to make sure both drivers and fans are happy.  “It’s a competition, but yet it’s entertainment, too.  We try to do the best for both worlds.” Williams and his partner began promoting demo derbies in 2007.  

Since then, they’ve worked to make sure their shows are the best.  “We bring in a quality show and we have never missed a start time.  We work hard to make sure the show runs smoothly with very few breaks all the way through.” Williams’ father was a “preacher who crashed cars,” he said.  “I’ve grown up with this my whole life.”